My name is Mitchell Dunnam and I have two degrees and fifteen years of
experience with computers, digital art and web design. Since before I could remember I have
gravitated towards creating and designing with computers. My goal is to find a career where I
can utilize my skills to help others in creative and unique ways.

    I was exposed to computers at a very young age. When I was thirteen I built my first computer
from spare parts at my father's office. I installed all the software and created my first
computer. I set up my own home network to allow for multiple computers and devices. I practiced
digital art with Microsoft Paint until a friend of my father gave me a copy of Photoshop 6.0.

    While in high school a few friends and I started designing forum signatures, while playing
video games. My friends and I did some research and taught our selves how to write HTML/CSS. We
started a free art forum, which my friends and I designed and coded. The site, where we designed
forum signatures, website banners, and Social Media icons, trafficked over 3000 members in its
prime. Members on the site the would also do collaborative pieces, where each artist would get
an hour before we would save the file and send it to another artist until we all agreed that
the design was complete.

    Since graduation from MCA, I have designed apparel as a freelancer for several local companies.
With experience in digital and screen prints, I hold a deep understanding of color separations.
My branding experience for multiple local companies included re shaping of client's image to
provide increased interaction between users and the products and services.

    I multitask very well and meet deadlines and benchmarks. I get along well with others and can
stay calm while dealing with a stressful situation. I am task oriented and great at
troubleshooting problems. Well versed in Adobe Photoshop since before CS, and have experience
with all of the Adobe Creative Suite: Illustrator, DreamWeaver, Flash, and InDesign. I am also
very knowledgeable in Office Suite, I also have experience with both Windows and Mac OS.